After many sleepless nights and soul searching, the foundation has decided to take a

different path in helping those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  


At this time, we have decided to focus our efforts on helping to provide fresh fruits and

vegetables for a healthier diet through training, seeds, videos, etc.


It is scientifically proven that a healthy diet is beneficial to everyone.

 It is increasingly important for those suffering from a chonic illness such as MS.


 The problem is, not all people have access to or the funds for fresh fruits and vegetables.


 It is our goal to provide access to materials needed to grow your own fruits and

veggies as well as provide the knowledge of growing, canning, freezing, and cooking these fruits and veggies.


"MS will not control me, it will EMPOWER me!"


The foundation was founded by Erica Durham after being with Multiple Sclerosis in July 2015.  

Keep S'Myelin is a non-profit organization that will work to provide a variety of resources to MS patients and their families.

How Can You Help?

There are no direct fundraising efforts at this time, but donations can be mailed to:

Keep S'Myelin Foundation of Hope

797 Road D

Tribune, KS 67879

Erica Durham, Founder & MS Warrior
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